Pod coffee’s bad taste for the planet

The pod problem:

But what bugs me most about pods isn’t the marketing. It’s the needless waste. Those 186m capsules used in Britain last year all had to go somewhere. So far, most aren’t going in the recycling. Dolce Gusto mixed-plastic capsules “cannot currently be recycled in the UK”, though a spokesperson says Nestle is “exploring a number of possible solutions.” Tassimo T-Discs are “fully recyclable with Terracycle,” though so far there are only 40 UK recycling points.

Convenience comes with a price in both taste and the environment…

  • Toby Jones

    We use a Senseo coffee machine that uses pods that look like round teabags – there’s no plastic, so they can go straight into compost (which is very good for the garden) or can be binned without harm.

    • Coffee & Complexity

      I was not aware of that. Not sure it changes my view greatly, although it useful to know.