Blog Me Once, Blog Me Twice

Here's a little experiment. I hope it will solve a little problem.

You see, my number of blogs has been proliferating rather stupidly of late, but it's settled down to this Vox blog and One Man & His Blog as my main two. And I'm pretty happy with that set-up. I love Vox and find it a pleasure to use.

But I really don't want to lose touch with my Livejournal friends, either.

Now, I though the problem had been solved when Vox added the ability to cross-post to Livejournal. But, no. All that got posted was a nasty little extract that was nothing more than an advert for the content on Vox. Not very fair on my LJ flist.

However, as of today's Vox release, I should be able to post the whole shooting match across onto Livejournal, even as I post to Vox. Will it work? I hope so.

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  1. fg

    I’ve been playing around with the same question… I have a “serious blog”  and I have my Vox blog… I’m also a big fan of vox and keep sending people over here… That said, it doesn’t have all of the functionality / features / mojo of Movable Type (which I’m using)… but it’s certainly easier and, more importantly, MORE FUN!!!Wondering if it would be worth starting a group on Vox of “double bloggers,” who use both. MainMor would be a good addition… You in?


  2. Adam

    Sounds like a plan. I’d be in.


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