Vox Hunt: Have This, Will Travel

Show us something you cannot leave home without.
Submitted by Quornflour.

Sorry to be so prosaic, but really, if I left home without those, I'd be in a world of trouble.

Leaving home for the day is great. But getting home is even greater. Having spent much of the last week and a half on the road, it was so nice to pull up outside the flat and get inside, knowing that I had a whole two nights at home ahead of me. Yes, two. Luxury.

And just to make things better, Lorna had actually cooked me dinner. Yes, Lorna, cooking. Amazing.

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  1. Rev Stan

    You’ve must have been away a lot to look forward to lorna’s cooking. I’ve never had to eat anything she cooked myself but isn’t her speciality veg and gravy? Sorry Lorna.


  2. Adam

    Yes, boiled veg and gravy is her speciality. But, as a special treat, she cooked me boiled veg and pasta!


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