By Way of Explanation

Why do I need another blog?

Well, One Man & His Blog was initially my general purpose blog, covering anything I fancied writing about. Over time, it's evolved into something that focuses on the intersection of journalism and blogging, to the point where the ever-growing readership complain if I stray too far from my current beat. Fair enough, I suppose. I've built up an expectation there, and I should respect that.

But I do want a space for myself, where I write about everything else that interested me, without having to censor my topics for the sake of an audience. Originally Coffee & Complexity was going to be that blog, but two things happened:

  1. I discovered that WordPress and I really don't get on terribly well
  2. I came up with a different idea for the site, which I will get around to implementing at some point.

So, here's my third go at a personal blog, just sitting under the domain. No clever name; just the things I want to write about.

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