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  • Pod coffee’s bad taste for the planet

    The pod problem: But what bugs me most about pods isn’t the marketing. It’s the needless waste. Those 186m capsules used in Britain last year all had to go somewhere. So far, most aren’t going in the recycling. Dolce Gusto mixed-plastic capsules “cannot currently be recycled in the UK”, though a spokesperson says Nestle is […]

  • Plastic Solar Panels?

    This is potentially good news: A new discovery from a chemist at the University of Texas at Austin may allow photovoltaic solar cells to double their efficiency, thus providing loads more electrical power from regular sunlight. Not only that, but it’s way cheap. Chemistry professor Xiaoyang Zhu and his team discovered that an organic plastic semiconductor […]

  • Florida: the state of the beach

    Gathered on a 10 minute walk down the Fort Lauderdale beach. Frightening.