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  • Preparing for parental sleep-deprivation

    Sleep. Sweet, precious sleep. I’m going to miss you.

  • Let them play

    If we love our children and want them to thrive, we must allow them more time and opportunity to play, not less. Yet policymakers and powerful philanthropists are continuing to push us in the opposite direction — toward more schooling, more testing, more adult direction of children, and less opportunity for free play. Peter Gray, […]

  • Time travel

    Right now I want to invent time travel for the sole purpose of finding my pre-fatherhood younger self and slapping him every time he claims to be “very tired”.

  • Life as a new parent

    Damn you, Coke, for catching the new parent experience so very, very well. It’s the cut between the pre- and post-parenthood living room that does it, I think. [via CoCreate]

  • When missing a train is a gift

    Toast and coffee for breakfast
    Breakfast at Hector's Shed

    It comes to something when missing a train feels like a treat. Earlier on the week, I missed my train by under a minute. I hit the platform just as the train started moving. Too late. It was bad luck, sure, caught on the hop by the level crossing being shut, the parking machine being out of order, and one of the ticket collection machines being down. Too much bad luck for one journey to stand.

    I live far enough into the sticks that my next useful train was 30 minutes away, so I did what I always do when things throw me off in Shoreham – I went for a coffee and toast in a local café. As before, I picked Hector's Shed. 

    Toast. Coffee. And half an hour to sit reading. I don't do that enough. Since I switched to a freelance consultancy career, I've struggled with the urge that I should be doing something to further my career at all times – and I mean doing. Reflecting, thinking and reading never seem to be active enough, and so they fall by the wayside. This has just got worse since Hazel was born, and the remainder of my free time was eaten alive by the bumdle of cuteness that is my daughter.

    But an accident, an unseen confluence of inconvenience, gave me premission to chill. And chill I did, with coffee, and toast, and some reading on my iPad. A simple pleasure, but right now life is teaching me that simple pleasures are often the best. 

  • The weaponised smile of a baby…

    If there’s one thing babies do well, it’s living in the moment.

  • It’s Fnordday, right? Yeah, I think that’s it.

    My sense of time is slipping, sucked away by a baby’s obliviousness to such things.

  • First dispatch from the nappy trenches

    I’m a Dad. Here’s my first report from two weeks of nappies, feeds and broken sleep…