Evening light over the Adur



I spent last Friday at dConstruct, a conference held just down the coast in Brifghton. As I walked home from Shoreham station, the mist was just beginning to descend over the Adur, as the evening light turned orange. The quality of light that resulted was just breathtaking. Luckily, I had my DSLR with me, from my conference liveblogging, and I grabbed a few images before the light passed:

Up the Adur, towards Emerald Quay

Resting in evening light

Ruined boat, evening

Such a lovely part of the world to come home to.

Saturday’s fine for Shoreham flying

Despite the dire warnings of rain and general unpleasantness, today dawned bright and fine in Shoreham-by-Sea, which must have been a great relief to the organisers of the airshow. Sadly, we were too busy to attend this year, but we were treated to a free show as we walked from the Beach over to the town this afternoon:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/27949766 w=530&h=298]

 Sorry for the very amateur hour footage. Pointing a small caera at the sky and getting decent results is harder than I imagined… My respect for my FlightGlobal colleagues goes up. 


Daily Vignette #1: Shoreham Saturday

[vimeo 20994464 w=521 h=293]

Another little project for myself: shoot short vignettes capturing the feel or an aspect of a day in under 30 seconds. This was yesterday’s.

Wonder how long this one will last? 🙂

The original idea was to have these as “motion photographs” and post them to Flickr. And then I remembered that Flickr hasn’t yet got its act together to provide iPad and iPhone compatible video yet, so I went with Vimeo instead.