Old & New: Film Finis Redux

A while ago, I started a project I called Film Finis. The idea was to use up all the remaining photographic film I had, enoy myself while doing so, and then switch to an all-digital future. I kinda got side-tracked with other things over the last six months, but finally, I'm going on it again. The image above is from a film I shot over a couple of weekends around Shoreham-by-Sea. In fact, it was shot on the very same walk that produced these images.

And…it is fun. It's really strange now not being able to look at the image after I've taken it; to just trust that the image has been captured. And it makes you more of a sniper – you pick and choose which images to take, rather than scattershotting, knowing you can delete anything that doesn't come up to scratch later. It's good discipline, which I need to bring back to my digital photography. 

Shattered Glass & Phone Photography

I had a small accident on Wednesday evening. A small accident that left the glass on the top of my iPhone shattered, the screen non-functional but, as far as I could tell, the phone itself working. I checked a couple of local places that did repairs, and grabbed a couple of hours out today to go get the phone repaired.

The guy who was open was a very small business, operating out of his front room, in effect:

iFix iPhone repairs

I turned up at exactly the same time as another guy, who had a problem with a self-installed third party replacement battery. The repairer suggested that we both return in an hour, giving me time to snag a much-needed haircut.

And sure enough, exactly an hour later my iPhone was back to normal. And that gave me the chance to play with my beloved Instagram app in the snowly weather on the way home:

St Mary's in the snow

The Bridge to the Beach

Adur, Winter

I may, at some point, get bored of these photo effect apps. But I'm not showing any signs just yet.


It's a snow day. After I made it home last night, the snow really settled in on the South-East, bringing much of the public transport infrastructure to its knees. There's no trains from here to London, and I wasn't about to risk my neck on the M23 in these conditions. So, a snow day, a working from home day.

But…there's always room for a lunchtime walk, isn't there?

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/17411953 w=549&h=309]

Sunset by the shore

So, I finally did something I'd been longing to do since we rented the flat in Shoreham-by-Sea. I donned my warm jacket and walking boots, I grabbed my tripod, cable release and camera, and headed for the beach near sunset. And I took photos:

I suspect only a handful will survive my first pass cull – but I'm pleased with that handful.

It's wonderful having such beauty on my doorstep.

Shoreham-by-Sea Farmers Market

It has, to put it mildly, been a little busy of late. I've been rushing around the country for various events, I've been helping family members move. I have, in short, been having a hectic time of it.

Time for some time out. I am off work next week, with no major plans other that visiting my brother, some belated birthday drinkies, and a party on Saturday. And, this weekend, I'm back in Shoreham. And it's my favourite weekend: the farmers market.

Have a little video:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/16801348 w=500&h=281] 

I managed to spread my purchases a little wider than the beer and sausages that dominated last month's purchases. 🙂

I expect you might see some more photography and video that's been lying around my hard drive over the week to come…