Aperture hates Flip

This window popped up when I installed the latest update to Aperture 3:


Screen Shot 2012-03-14 at 11.11.58

Destroy all 3ivx codecs

And sure enought, the linked support document tells you to purge that 3ivx codec from your system. Where did it come from? FlipShare.

And so the component is gone, and Aperture is noticably more responsive. And the legacy of that lovely little Flip cam fades a little more into the past…

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Thanks, TomTom

TomTom adapted
So, before I went on my holiday, I was forced to replace my long-serving iPhone 3GS with a brand-spanking new iPhone 4. Hurrah. Good news, and something to be discussed more in a later post.

But there was one small problem – I've been using my iPhone as a SatNav ever since my Mum's old TomTom gave up the ghost on the way to Jomec the year before last. And my TomTom cradle for the iPhone doesn't fit the new phone well.

One quick e-mail to TomTom support, though, and an adaptor kit was winging its way to me – for free. OK, TomTom apps and kit aren't cheap. But not nickle-and-diming me by charging me for an adpator is a rare enough courtesy that I'm taking the time to blog about it right now.

Nice work, TomTom.

Shattered Glass & Phone Photography

I had a small accident on Wednesday evening. A small accident that left the glass on the top of my iPhone shattered, the screen non-functional but, as far as I could tell, the phone itself working. I checked a couple of local places that did repairs, and grabbed a couple of hours out today to go get the phone repaired.

The guy who was open was a very small business, operating out of his front room, in effect:

iFix iPhone repairs

I turned up at exactly the same time as another guy, who had a problem with a self-installed third party replacement battery. The repairer suggested that we both return in an hour, giving me time to snag a much-needed haircut.

And sure enough, exactly an hour later my iPhone was back to normal. And that gave me the chance to play with my beloved Instagram app in the snowly weather on the way home:

St Mary's in the snow

The Bridge to the Beach

Adur, Winter

I may, at some point, get bored of these photo effect apps. But I'm not showing any signs just yet.

Tech, 1988 Style

This is my computer desk from the late 80s – probably '88 or '89. Yes, that's a portable TV it's connected to. And yes, that's a tape deck for loading programs…

RevStan might live to note the RSC production poster just visible in the top left of the picture. And yes, there's a hairdryer by the mirror. It was the 80s, I was a teenager. You blowdried.

Just noticed – two toy Daleks by the "monitor". WIN.