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  • Scilly sands

    The beautiful curves of a Scilly beach

  • Scilly retrospective

    A few photos from a 2010 trip to the Isles of Scilly.

  • One evening in New York City

    New York City, one evening, eight photos

  • Calmness in the Cotswolds


    Just to remind myself that calmness is out there.

  • A Bajan Lunch

    Bajan Fried Chicken
    Bajan Salad
    In the last few days of my holiday. Should be back and posting soon…

  • The Wedding on the Riverwalk

    I seem to spend my life perpetually playing catch-up with the photographs I take. I've finally got around to working on my Florida photos from the early part of this year, when we spent New Year and the first half of January in Fort Lauderdale. 

    One day, I felt the need for a little time by myself, so I headed down to the Las Olas Riverwalk, and spent the afternoon wondering along the riverfront, grabbing whatever caught my eye. And late in the afternoon, I came across a couple getting married. It was a quiet, beautful suprise, a brief moment to join in with a community's happiness (and grab a few photos):

    Fort Lauderdale Wedding 3
    Fort Lauderdale Wedding
    Fort Lauderdale Wedding 2

    The blessing being read was the Apache Blessing, as far as I could tell. 

  • Things the internet has taught me today #1

    Friday night was a HellCommute. Terrible traffic from Sutton to the M25, explained by the closure of the slip road onto the M25. After that? A 90 minute or so diversion around Crawley and Horsham before I finally joined the A23 and made my way home. I never got around to finding out what happened, until I read this on Kat Arney’s blog this morning:

    Unfortunately Chris and Mary never made it. They’d got stuck in the worst traffic jam on the M25 for years, and ended up motionless for four or five hours.

    The worst traffic jam on the M25? Ah-ha:

    The M25 in Surrey has reopened in both directions after being shut for more than 24 hours following a crash in which a lorry hit the central reservation and collided with a car.
    Three people were badly hurt in the crash, between junctions seven with the M23 and eight with the A217, on Friday.

    Mystery solved. The internet: bringing me the things I forgot to look up.

  • Backlogging: Germany

    Had a rough weekend for reasons I'll blog about when I can bring myself to do so. In the meantime, here's some backlog blogging from my trip to Germany a few weeks ago.

    How the germans see us

    Spotted this in a German bookshop in Kassel. It was the special British section of the bookshop: tea, shortcakes and the royals. Really? That's how they see us? Gosh. That would be like us stereotyping them with beer, suasages and lederhosen. And that never happens, right?


    Spotted outside a mobile phone ("handy" to the Germans – a word they think comes from us) shop. Classy stuff, huh? :-)

    Insane detail

    Oh, and I was rather jealous of these little screens they have on their trains (which really do run on time).  They were a significantly more pleasurable experience to travel on than their British counterparts – possibly because virtually no-one seems to use them…