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  • Powered up and ready to go

    Just over a week ago, I went home to visit my Mum. This was a good deed, given her current situation, and like all good deeds it did not go unpunished. As I set up my iBook to recharge over night, the power cable made a “bzzt” noise, there was a startling electric blue flash. […]

  • Adders – Online Bride of Christ

    This is amusing. I don’t normally post the results of Online Quizzes here, but seeing as this result seems to go against the general trends, I couldn’t resist: I scored 2 on the CyberWhore Poll! My heavens! You’re an ONLINE NUN! Are you sure you have ever actually BEEN online? That’s not a TV […]

  • Fraternal Housing

    Well, last night I took some time to visit my brother’s new house in Clapham. He and his wife have stretched themselves to buy an expensive house in a nice street. Well, I say expensive but by London standards it’s really something of a bargain. The reason for this is simple: it needs a lot […]

  • Back in Business

    I can hardly believe that just under three days ago I was happily walking by the shores of Loch Lomond. A week may be a long time in politics but it’s an eternity in London. On my walk home this evening a saw, very briefly, someone being loaded into an ambulance. Looks like they were […]

  • Thought of Homes Past and Future

    Today, Lorna and I explored Dollar, if one can truly explore a place where you spent the majority of your childhood. The last 12 years have done little to change Dollar. The school has developed a little and some of the shops have swapped around but that’s about it. It’s still a provincial town in […]

  • Onwards and Upwards

    Our luck seems to be holding. After an interesting day doing some of the sights of Glasgow, including the Lighthouse (more of which later) and the St Mungo Museum up by the Cathedral, we headed back out to Prestwisk to pick up the car. We got upgraded for free. So, I’m trundling aboud the highways […]

  • Shocks at the Shack

    Glasgow clubbing, or at least the part of it that we saw last night, is something else. For a start, it’s just about the first time in my life that I’ve felt too old to be in a club – and that’s not just my recent birthday talking. As Lorna said, some of the men […]

  • Highland Holidays

    Well, I’m in Glasgow and it’s damn good to be back in Scotland. There’s a crispness to the cold up here that just feels right to my system and I always feel a sense of returning home when I leave the airport because of that. Yesterday was not a great day. London’s public transport system […]

  • It’s my birthday and I’m drunk. It’s my 30th birthday and I’m coping. Alas, alas, there was no cake, though. What’s a birthday without a cake? Do I have to be a grown-up now, mummy?