Red Arrows over Bristol

I shot this on my iPhone a couple of weeks ago, but help off posting it because of the tragedy of last weekend. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that these guys work very hard to show their skill, and to entertain. And that Sunday they did both, both for the people at the Balloon Fiesta, and for people all over southern Bristol who could see their display. And death shouldn't prevent us celebrating the skills of life.

[vimeo w=530&h=298] 

Saturday’s fine for Shoreham flying

Despite the dire warnings of rain and general unpleasantness, today dawned bright and fine in Shoreham-by-Sea, which must have been a great relief to the organisers of the airshow. Sadly, we were too busy to attend this year, but we were treated to a free show as we walked from the Beach over to the town this afternoon:

[vimeo w=530&h=298]

 Sorry for the very amateur hour footage. Pointing a small caera at the sky and getting decent results is harder than I imagined… My respect for my FlightGlobal colleagues goes up. 


Capturing a Summer’s moment by the Thames

I'm having one of those days, looking forward to a free hour or so, sandwiched between a day's working on a report for work, and an evening raiding with my Warcraft guild.

However, I grabbed a little time over lunch to edit and upload a little video I shot while walking along the Thames on Friday evening, on the way to meeting friends in a pub. It was a glorious, sunny, summer's evening, and it felt just wonderful to be meandering along the river amongst the rush of Friday night humanity. Here's my attempt to capture it:

[vimeo w=500&h=281] 

I'm really enjoying creating these little "video photographs" of an experience, a moment in time, even if no-one else cares. 🙂

Daily Vignette #1: Shoreham Saturday

[vimeo 20994464 w=521 h=293]

Another little project for myself: shoot short vignettes capturing the feel or an aspect of a day in under 30 seconds. This was yesterday’s.

Wonder how long this one will last? 🙂

The original idea was to have these as “motion photographs” and post them to Flickr. And then I remembered that Flickr hasn’t yet got its act together to provide iPad and iPhone compatible video yet, so I went with Vimeo instead.