The creeping Starbuckifiction of Sussex

The new Starbucks in worthing town centre
The new Starbucks in worthing town centre

This part of Sussex has long been a bit of a Starbucks dead zone. You had to either head along the coast to Brighton, or up to the out-of-town-ish Holmbush Centre for the Starbucks in the Next branch up there.

Well, the creeping Starbuckification of every high street continues, as Starbucks has now arrived in Worthing town centre. It was approved late last year, and opened last week:

Demoted by Starbucks

Starbucks e-mail demoting me from Gold to Green
From Gold to Green…

Ah, the shame, the shame. Starbucks have demoted  me. No more free extra shots for me.

The good news? I managed to go to Starbucks less than once a week last year. With some real effort, I’m sure I can beat that record – and go even less…