Fraternal Housing

Well, last night I took some time to visit my brother’s new house in Clapham. He and his wife have stretched themselves to buy an expensive house in a nice street. Well, I say expensive but by London standards it’s really something of a bargain. The reason for this is simple: it needs a lot of work. It looks as if very little has been done to it in the last 30 years – which, oddly enough, is exactly the length of time the previous owners were there.

Now, that’s not actually a bad thing as far as I can see. They’ll make one hell of a lot of money out of it in the end, as long as they’re prepared to sit tight and weather and recession that we see in the next five years. The problem is that they need to put up with a few months living in less than ideal conditions. I think it’ll be worth it. Let’s see if Mark feels the same.

In other news, London is dull, grey and overcast and I’m really not sure I want to be here today. Connex was its normal travel nightmare and crawled into work late. Still, they owe me seven days’ holiday still, so I’m not gonna sweat it too much. I think I need to kick my assistant and get her to sort out her holiday days so I can arrange mine.

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