One Man's Notes

So, Reddit is selling all the free labour of its users to an AI company to train its model.

Well, that explains the API changes last year…

Setting up my second blog on Unknown Exposures

I hate chasing invoices. But it looks like I’m going to need to do it today or tomorrow.


Super rare night out for me - at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Brighton.

The Concert Hall at the Brighton Dome, for the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

One of the Dalmatian Pelicans at WWT Arundel.

A Dalmatian pelican.

This duck is stylin’.

A scaly-sided merganser at WWT Arundel

Testing out the new coffee shop in town, Clubhouse Coffee.

Smoothie of the banana and strawberry varietyA black americano at Clubhouse Coffee in Shoreham. A pain au chocolate Vegan biscoff cakeHoneycomb brownie

Here are the small but dedicated band of protestors in their conspiratorial glory.

Anti-vaccine signs at a protest in SussexProtesters who are against the WEF and cashless payments in Shoreham. Another anti-vaccine placard in Sussex.

Bit of a “grab bag” protest in town. They’re against:

  • Cashless payments
  • Vaccines
  • Ultra low emissions zones
  • The World Economic Forum

I might not mention that I’ve been in the offices of the last one…

My paternal Shrove Tuesday duty is done.

A stack of pancakes on Pancake Day.

Friendly wee chaps.

A robin at Pulborough Brooks. Another robin at Pulborough Brooks

Evening light at RSPB Pulborough Brooks.

Warm evening light on a stand of Elm

Water level a bit on the high side, then.

Flooding near Pulborough Brooks in Sussex.

semicolons are a suitably catlike, noncommittal form of punctuation.

Rooted by Lyanda Lynn Haupt 📚

Gosh, my daughters love the days out I pick for them!

Love a bit of crema

Crema on a black americano at Victoria’s Sponge, Steyning.

🔗 Hunter-Gathering For Wimps:

Making a conscious decision to shut the f@&£ up, not cause the planet bow and crack under the weight of more opinions, and just listen to people sometimes, even if they are talking total crap

I have realised that, in addition to its many other perks, this is a useful way to conserve energy.

Tom Cox nails it.

We’ve just had the world’s first year-long breach of key 1.5C warming limit.

What’s it going to take before people treat this seriously?

Looks like Apple has an image editing Generative AI coming. Quite Apple-y to be task specific.

Never change, Magazine Journalism MA students…

A bland date poster advertising a City Journalism student event…

Want to feel old? Somebody born when Leeroy Jenkins wiped his raid will turn 19 this year.

You’re welcome.

Finding the intro that finally makes the piece you’ve been struggling with work is such a blissful moment.

Let’s get phygital…

Apple’s Vision Pro is a tentative first step towards building a blended digital/physical world. But this is like the launch of the original Mac, not the iPhone.

Good morning from the Downs.

A lone sheep in a field up on the Sussex Downs.

Haircut achieved.

Adam Tinworth before a haircut. Adam Tinworth after a hair cut.