Negative positivity — or why even scanned negatives are worth hanging on to…


Why being in nature is so good for your mental health:

We have evolved in nature for thousands of years, and so it’s just intuitive that we are healthiest and the most balanced when we are in nature.

Surfers Against Sewage:

Ofwat have championed that water company plans will cut discharges from storm overflows by 44% by 2030. But, this will still allow discharges to occur a massive 200,000 times a year. What really takes this piss is that Ofwat had already told companies to reduce spills by 21% by next year anyway. So when you break it down between 2025-2030 they are only requiring a 23% reduction.

Disgusting, both figuratively and literally.

Zak Asgard:

By January this year, videos about Stanley cups had been viewed a soul-destroying 201.4 million times. Think about that. Videos of people sucking on what is essentially an adult training cup have been viewed more times than Nasa’s YouTube upload of the Apollo 11 mission.

Dream house.

A modern, two-story house with large windows is situated in a lush, wooded area.

[via Dezeen]

Apparently BT have decided that providing us with broadband is a pretty optional thing, so today will be powered by mobile broadband.

Let’s hope it’s up to a Zoom judging session…

If you’re a journalist, everyone’s a critic. @manton’s turn:

It used to be that opinion sections and letters to the editor were great places to hear a diverse set of perspectives. Now the whole web is that. Journalists are straining their credibility when we most need the facts.


It’s time to stop caring what journalists think.

@dave, not beating about the bush

Does a new government open up the chance to refresh the transparency agenda?

A discussion from #ODCamp in Manchester…

Uploading the first of my photos from #ODCamp to Flickr.

The last #ODCamp session liveblog from Matt and I today: with the Microsoft AI CEO saying all web content is “freeware” and usable for training, how do the Open Data community feel about that?

Here’s the pitches from the #ODcamp 9 unconference in Manchester today.

Reservoir #ODCamp dogs.

Several people with backpacks are walking down a narrow path next to a brick wall and a green, leafy area.Several people are walking along a city street lined with modern buildings on a cloudy day.

Did a democracy. Took my daughters - this will be the first general election that they really remember.

A man and two children are smiling for a selfie in front of a building with polling station opening times posted on the door.

Blimey. As the other social networks pull away from journalist, Mastodon is embracing it — and even Threads might be warming up to it again.

Interesting times.

(Paradigm shifts always are…)

This is a pitch for a Doctor Who episode, not a useful journalism notification…

A notification from The Telegraph states that Ed Miliband is preparing to wage a wind-powered war on the British countryside.

Why didn’t the 100,000 strong march to restore nature get more coverage?

The suggested answer is depressing: the protestors were too well-behaved.

Escaping tech’s boom/doom cycle requires a nuanced view of risk/reward.

And the global south has something to teach us here.

Guess which party standing in the UK general election made no commitment to do anything about the sewage going into our rivers and seas?

I bet you can guess