New for Who: new companion announced

New companion announced

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  1. I think the second series has, on the whole, been lacklustre. However, the awesomeness of episode 12 almost made up for everything before it!

    Looking forward to next Saturday’s conclusion.

    (This is my third comment on Vox, and happens to be the second one regarding Doctor Who. For the record, I must again stress that I am not a fanboy!)


  2. You have a point. Oddly, while I’ve enjoyed teh vast majority of episodes hugely, it doesn’t feel like the series as a whole has hung together as well as the first series. I think series one was greater than the sum of its parts, while series two is less than the sum of them. Wierd.

    And the great thing about “new” Who is that it really isn’t for fanboys, but the population as a whole, as the viewing figures show.


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