What did you do this weekend?
Adam & Clair Rochester

That was one busy weekend. Friday night saw us doing some frantic flat-tidying, before we headed to Mum's place in Suffolk, arriving after midnight. As we were unloading the car, Jaspar, one of the neighbour's cats, came and inspected us. Turns out that the poor thing was lonely. His owners are away for a wee while.  If I'd known, I'd have given him a stroke.

Saturday morning was frantic shopping, Saturday afternoon driving to Cley Next The Sea for a friend's wedding. The do itself was a lovely, relaxed affair, with an adult-grade bouncey castle and a very casual feel. We boogied until about 10.30, before setting out on the two-hour drive back to Mum's. Yes, I know, an early night, but at least we outstayed most of the people with kids.

Sunday was a rest and do chores day. I mowed the lawns and did some shopping, while Lorna scrubbed our car from top to bottom. We than had a BBQ in the back garden, and sat around trying to find an excuse not to head back to London. Having failed, we set out at around 9.40pm, finally getting home around midnight.

And that was the weekend that was,