Eva Green's Premiere Style

Talking of Casino Royale, did anyone see the Premiere pictures from early in the week? Eva Green, who plays the love interest in the movie, was wearing an outfit that really blew me away.

It's really eye-catching, very sexy, yet a million miles away from the "slinkly cocktail frock" approach that usually seems de rigeur for these events.

Despite showing less flesh than any movie star ever at a premiere (Judi Dench was showing more skin, for goodness' sake), she still managed to make the front page of several newspapers. Good work, that lady.

Eva Green 1Eva Green 3

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  1. Kit Hartford

    She seemed to have several outfits for the different “dos” from what I saw, but yeah, very different. 

    She’s much more “traditional slinky bond girl” in the film – I just got back from seeing it – but for me one of the most jaw-dropping moments is when you see here sans-makeup just starting to get dolled up. About as far from the kohl-eyed look in the pictures you linked (or in Kingdom of Heaven for that matter) as you can get. WOW. 

    More on the film shortly


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