The Car Takes a Hit

This is what some charmer did to my car overnight:

The Megane takes a hitCracked Bumper
Thanks. Oh, and thanks for not leaving your insurance details.

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  1. Karl

    Ouch! This happened to me a few years ago. Luckily (or so I thought) someone driving behind the idiot who smashed into my car contacted me the following day. He said it was a white van, which was weaving across the road at about 2am, obviously driven by a drunk driver. He gave me part of the registration number and armed with this I managed to track down the van and even take some pics of it showing the damage caused by the collision with my car. Armed with this evidence and a witness I went to the police, expecting them to send the Flying Squad straight round to White Van Man. No chance! They couldn’t have been less interested, and virtually accused me of trying to waste police time. Hope you have a better experience!


  2. Liz

    I’m sorry 😦   What a nightmare.  


  3. Kit Hartford

    Someone put a bump in the back of mine in Tescos a while back - thankfully nothing as serious as this though – then drove off without saying anything. Too concerned with their insurance premium – assuming they were insured – and not with what the insurance is meant to cover.


  4. Dee

    Tragic. Was it parked outside your house on the street? I’ve only ever had one accident. I took out a power box and messed up a Porsche who was driving behind me at the time. I was only 18. The police said if I hadn’t have hit the power box I would have hit the lamp post just behind it and killed the passenger – my now ex-boyf. People are so dishonest when they know they won’t get caught – it’s disgusting.


  5. Andrew Orange

    Things like this just throw you, don’t they? As if one didn’t already have enough to get on with in one’s day to day life.
    And what it says about “people” is just too depressing to contemplate.
    I’m with Roseanne Barr who once said: “I’m a pretty good judge of people. Which is how come I don’t like any of ’em.”


  6. Five

    ugh, sorry Adam…I wish I could say this was something that rarely happens, but I’ve had it happen to pretty much everyone I know that lives in a metropolitan area. My car got hit in a parking lot, but the guy was nice enough to stick the badge to where he worked on my windshield…the damage to my car wasn’t enough for me to do anything about it, but still. best wishes.


  7. Rev Stan

    It’s hearing stories like this when I think they should bring back some sort of public humiliation style punishment. Stocks and rotten tomatoes or even just walking round for a couple of days with a suitable sign hanging round their neck…


  8. Becky

    Maybe they didn’t realise they’d done it!  Most probably they were off their heads and/or uninsured.  Things like this chip away at your belief in human nature. 


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