QotD: This Song Makes Me Festive

Break Like the Wind
Spinal Tap

What song gives you the most holiday cheer?
Submitted by Roxy.

Christmas With The Devil, which I first heard on Spinal Tap's seminal Break Like The Wind tour at the Royal Albert Hall.

It's also on the album of the same name.

By a spooky co-incidence, it's also being used as the theme for the BBC's Xmas trailer.

BBC 1 Christmas Trailer 1

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  1. RedScylla

    [this is good] I had forgotten about that gem!!!  Suddenly I’m liking Christmas a lot more.


  2. Rev Stan

    Blimey didn’t realise that Spinal Tap did a Christmas song. I’m sure Mosh will be commenting. Oh no, he can’t. He hasn’t got a blog.


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