When D&D Goes Bad

I was forced to steal this from MainMor, due to extreme hilarity. This will mean nothing, if you didn't have a geeky childhood:

Reno911 clip… D&D goes too far

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  1. Anthony Denny

    [this is good] LOL!!1eleven


  2. Andrew Orange

    [this is good] He he.


  3. MainMor

    [this is good] lol yes. I had the same childhood… every weekend with my friends drinking huge amounts of sodas, eating tons of chips and making saving throws.


  4. Rev Stan

    I’ve never been anywhere near a D&D game in my life but I still thought this was brilliantly funny. What is it he is saying as he tries to run away?


  5. Adam

    “I’m wearing Boots of Escaping! I’m wearing Boots of Escaping!”Ah, geek humour.


  6. Adam

    Well, I was more of a Runequest man myself, but the principle applies.


  7. MainMor

    Ah yes Runequest… I never got to play it. But I used to play D&D, Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, Marvel Superheros, Car Wars, Champions. Good times..lol


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