Who’s that Girl?

Because I'm a sad geek, this pleases me immensely:

Roll on series 3!

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  1. Yep I’m looking forward to season 3 too, though I will miss Billie Piper a LOT. ;_; I also hope Torchwood will be back..really enjoyed that, in spite of the sometimes gratutituous after-watershed stuff. 


  2. And given the last episode of Torchwood, Doctor Who season 3 might have some fun and games.
    Did you notice there was a link between ep 12 “Captain Jack Harkness” and Chrismas’ “Runaway Bride” too, forshadowing what I presume to be the arc for the season (in the same manner as Season 1’s “Bad Wolf”, which also cropped up in Ep 12).


  3. The name “mr Saxon” keeps cropping up: once in Series 2, once in the “Runaway Bride” and once in “Captain Jack Harkness.”


  4. All I got from the Xmas special was a headache – everyone was shouting, and it was all at one pitch the whole way through.  Really, I think the wave of goodwill I had toward Dr Who when it originally came back has subsided (which meant I could ignore the farting aliens) has subsided.  It had better get better soon or else…  And for gods sake, can’t they leave Earth?  And more specifically, Cardiff and/or the London Eye?


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