Who’s that Girl?

Because I'm a sad geek, this pleases me immensely:

Roll on series 3!

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  1. maki

    Yep I’m looking forward to season 3 too, though I will miss Billie Piper a LOT. ;_; I also hope Torchwood will be back..really enjoyed that, in spite of the sometimes gratutituous after-watershed stuff. 


  2. Kit Hartford

    And given the last episode of Torchwood, Doctor Who season 3 might have some fun and games.
    Did you notice there was a link between ep 12 “Captain Jack Harkness” and Chrismas’ “Runaway Bride” too, forshadowing what I presume to be the arc for the season (in the same manner as Season 1’s “Bad Wolf”, which also cropped up in Ep 12).


  3. luke

    [this is good] Can’t wait!


  4. Adam

    No – missed that link. Care to share?


  5. Kit Hartford

    The name “mr Saxon” keeps cropping up: once in Series 2, once in the “Runaway Bride” and once in “Captain Jack Harkness.”


  6. Anthony Denny

    All I got from the Xmas special was a headache – everyone was shouting, and it was all at one pitch the whole way through.  Really, I think the wave of goodwill I had toward Dr Who when it originally came back has subsided (which meant I could ignore the farting aliens) has subsided.  It had better get better soon or else…  And for gods sake, can’t they leave Earth?  And more specifically, Cardiff and/or the London Eye?


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