Gates has encountered an error…

So, Bill "Kermit the Geek" Gates has been doing the media rounds promoting Windows OSX, or whatever it's called.

Unfortunately, things went wrong on The Daily Show:

TDS: Gates Crash!

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  1. somethingwonderful

    Hahaha.Well, i loved that interview.


  2. Lisa Devaney

    Ah, The Daily Show, I get all my American news from it. Eases the pain. 


  3. Brons

    Eases the pain, but doesn’t make it all go away, one presumes. Some
    bits are purely fun like this one, but so many of them are bittersweet,
    as they often remind us that mainstream journalism is dodging the hard
    issues. It’s amazing how this show excels on both the comic and serious levels.


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