Just over a week ago, Katie Allen of The Guardian came to visit us here at RBI Towers:

Katie and BrianThe Katie & Julian ShowMike TargettKatie and Simon

And today, the results see print:

You can also see the results online. All in all, I'm pretty pleased. Hanging the story on the current Avian Flu kerfuffle is no big surprise, and will probably get more readership as a result. There's a couple of small factual errors, and my job title's wrong, but, on the whole. it's great publicity for what we're doing here.

Inevitably, the charismatic Mr BigLorryBlog gets his photo and case study in there. And, thanks to "shovelware" processes sticking the print story on the web, the online version reads like I'm the 50-something journalist, not Brian...

I'll be very interested to see what this does for our traffic over the next few days.