Enter Mechanical March

So, March. That's one sixth of the year gone. How the hell did that happen…?

Headlight Replacement

Still, moving on, I'm very proud of myself right now. As Lorna will happily tell you, at length, I'm not the world's most mechanically talented people. It's just not my strong suit. I'm better at it than my Dad, for whom the simplest of flat-packs was a nasty challenge, was or my brother, who just pays people to do it for him, is, but I'm only good by comparison.

Last night, one of my headlight bulbs went. This made me nervous. For one, it's illegal to drive around with a headlight out, and I'm the sort of clean-living guy who gets done as soon as I step out of line. For another, last time I tried to change a headlight bulb, I remember it being a bit of a nightmare. In the end, I had to get Lorna to do it for me.

I stopped off at Halfords in Sutton. I spent a while working through the guides to find the right bulb for my Megane. And I installed it. Just like that. I stood with oily hands in the Halfords, slightly amazed at my own marginal competence, and gaped at the working light.

Of such material are life's small victories cut.

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  1. Rev Stan

    Being DIY-phobic I can fully appreciate the sense of achievement. PS tell Lorna her tip about putting sealant around the leaky pipe worked a treat once I’d spent several weeks plucking up the courage to do it!


  2. AKA Vasquez

    I was once advised against replacing the bulb in a VW Polo because it contains argon, or some other gas, and can explode. I was told to take it to the VW dealer to get the bulb changed – and pay £30 for the privelege. Amazing.


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