Climbing the RSS mountain

A couple of weeks back, Karl was complaining about hitting 1,000 unread posts in his RSS readers.

As of 9am this morning, this is my unread count…

Looks like it's time for a large pot of coffee, iTunes on quietly (so as not to wake Lorna) and lots of reading.

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  1. ASortedMedia

    Wouldn’t it be easier to declare amnesty and hit Mark All as Read?

    I don’t know how you handle your RSS reading or if you spend much time categorizing the feeds you read, but maybe you could duplicate your subfolder structure inside two folders: Priority and Not Priority, and then spend some time sorting stuff out so it’s easier to not miss the feeds you consider more useful/interesting?


  2. Rev Stan

    What are RSS feeds?


  3. Adam

    Good question. I’ll answer in a post later on.


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