Balmy Sutton Days

Today, I finally took an hour out of the office. Not because I wanted to, mind, just because I needed to.

And my, the weather's still mild isn't it? People were wondering about in t-shirts and dresses, rather than the rather more wrapped up look you'd expect for mid-March. Of course, Sutton still has more than its fair share of be-tracksuited chavs (who all seemed to be travelling in family packs today), but generally it was a pleasant wee walk.

Next week  is likely to be a lot less balmy. I'm in New York, attending a Six Apart event, visiting our New York office and attending a conference, amongst other things. And Antony has been IMing me from the Big Apple to report that it's freezing cold. I shall be packing a coat. And gloves.

And maybe even a scarf…

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