Upgrading My Day

Oh, yeah, nearly forgot, BA gave me an impromptu upgrade to business class on a very quiet flight out this evening.

I feel well pleased with today. It almost makes up for the taxi driver diddling me out of €10, the swine.

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  1. bethlet

    Random upgrades are the BEST THING EVER! Go BA!


  2. Andrew Orange

    Damn you. I have never, ever been upgraded.
    Occasionally they look at me as though they’d rather accommodate me in the hold though.


  3. Brett.Johnson

    [this is good] i have a fantasy that after years as an economy class business traveller I get upgraded ti first, Sydney to LA, and on the way back the same happens…
    reality is that i get seated in the middle seat near the toilets, the staff is grumpy and the entertainment system doesn’t work, the bloke on the left snores and dribbles on my shirt and the one on the lady on the right even wakes me up to tell me more reasons why god wants me to join her church…
    when i get there they lose my baggage for 3 days…
    oh well, enjoy the upgrade!


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