Things of which I am ashamed #1

Some of you may know that I had something of a secondary career writing gaming books for a while.

MainMor's post about the, uh, less than artistic nature of RPG illustration at times reminded me of the cover I was most profoundly ashamed to have my words behind.

Because, really, what the heck is there good to say about this?

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  1. MainMor

    [this is good] Oh the sweeeet sweet irony… as evidenced by this


  2. Adam

    Oh, Lord, yes…Which reminds me, I needed the possibly offensive tag on this one.


  3. ciaranj

    Bloody hell! My copy of Warlock Of Firetop Mountain never had a copy like this!


  4. Anthony Denny

    I look forward to #2  I actually used to have a book by this bloke (bought from the QPD!).  The follies of adolescence


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