Exciting Times chez Tinworth

Oh, at least, if you're interested in gardening:

For today was the first day we actually got out into the garden to start sorting things out. Lorna did most of the work, frankly. I was engaged in the endless struggle to get my study under control for much of the morning. But out into the garden I eventually went, to do my bit.

I rather like our garden. If you ignore the shuddering traffic noises of the road outside our frnt door, it's a little oasis of calm in the heart of Lewisham. One a day when Lorna was woken by people fighting over parking on a side street, every little oasis of calm you can find is worth having.

Especially with barbecue weather just around the corner…

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  1. Georgia Lynn

    Very nice and tidy. I like before and after photos. What do you bbq?


  2. Rev Stan

    Mmm barbecue


  3. Adam

    Funnily enough, we were talking about inviting you and Mr Pringle for a BBQ…


  4. ciaranj

    [this is good] I heartily concur – there is nothing like the calm of the garden, especially after a day or tow spent trying to bring order to it.My new lawn arrives on Friday, and once that is down I will bore all & sundry with pictures of my new favourite place in the world…


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