10 Ways to know a WoW Addict

I'm only guilty of a few of these…

Top 10 ways to know you play too much World of Warcraft:

  • 10. You try to book a vacation in Azeroth.
  • 9. You've ever planned to "raid" another department.
  • 8. You consider work assignments "quests" and expect items and XP for completing them.
  • 7. You have ever challenged a co-worker to a duel.
  • 6. You want your paycheck in gold, silver and copper.
  • 5. Your character is killed by a higher ranking enemy so you take a week off to "extract vengeance".
  • 4. You have ever called in sick because your character died and you are in "mourning".
  • 3. You have ever tried "hearthing" to escape work.
  • 2. You've ever mistaken your supervisor for a class trainer and demanded new skills.
  • 1. You refuse to answer to anything other than your WoW character's name.
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  1. 11. Your friends and you are talking about directions to a place and you have the urge to press ‘M’.


  2. 12. You’re watching a video on the computer or a movie on tv and want to see something offscreen and attempt to adjust your camera.


  3. 13. There’s a rock in your neighborhood that, from just the right angle, looks like a treasure chest. And even after passing it for the 10,000th time, you still think of stopping your car to get out and loot it.(P.S. Number 12 is something I do ALL THE TIME, Naamah.)


  4. 14. You see a stuffed wild cat stagged to look like it is attacking a deer at a nature center and you say aloud “Kat is for fite”15. You see an exotic pet store and wonder aloud how much rep you need to buy a pet there.


  5. omg naamah i do #12 all the time >< lol
    actually sometimes i do wanna do 11 too lol.
    15. you press R when talkin in IMs off WoW


  6. ahahaha! amazing xDi do #15. SO much!  i always type Enter or R before writing x_x#16. After the movie i said… i have the Yell of Sparta buff xDDDD#17. Yup… always


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