10 Ways to know a WoW Addict

I'm only guilty of a few of these…

Top 10 ways to know you play too much World of Warcraft:

  • 10. You try to book a vacation in Azeroth.
  • 9. You've ever planned to "raid" another department.
  • 8. You consider work assignments "quests" and expect items and XP for completing them.
  • 7. You have ever challenged a co-worker to a duel.
  • 6. You want your paycheck in gold, silver and copper.
  • 5. Your character is killed by a higher ranking enemy so you take a week off to "extract vengeance".
  • 4. You have ever called in sick because your character died and you are in "mourning".
  • 3. You have ever tried "hearthing" to escape work.
  • 2. You've ever mistaken your supervisor for a class trainer and demanded new skills.
  • 1. You refuse to answer to anything other than your WoW character's name.
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  1. Naamah

    11. Your friends and you are talking about directions to a place and you have the urge to press ‘M’.


  2. Naamah

    12. You’re watching a video on the computer or a movie on tv and want to see something offscreen and attempt to adjust your camera.


  3. Credulous Skeptic

    13. There’s a rock in your neighborhood that, from just the right angle, looks like a treasure chest. And even after passing it for the 10,000th time, you still think of stopping your car to get out and loot it.(P.S. Number 12 is something I do ALL THE TIME, Naamah.)


  4. Hex

    14. You see a stuffed wild cat stagged to look like it is attacking a deer at a nature center and you say aloud “Kat is for fite”15. You see an exotic pet store and wonder aloud how much rep you need to buy a pet there.


  5. Semtia

    omg naamah i do #12 all the time >< lol
    actually sometimes i do wanna do 11 too lol.
    15. you press R when talkin in IMs off WoW


  6. Phisch

    16. You watch the movie 300 and you think “They’re protection specc’d!”


  7. June!

    17. If you call your real life friends by their WoW characters’ names.


  8. Adam

    Oooooh. Guilty!


  9. Phisch

    LOL…do #17 a lot.


  10. ari

    ahahaha! amazing xDi do #15. SO much!  i always type Enter or R before writing x_x#16. After the movie i said… i have the Yell of Sparta buff xDDDD#17. Yup… always


  11. Rebecca

    [this is good] You know your a WoW addict when you wake up on your birthday and yell “DING”


  12. Beaver

    [this is good] #17. when your microwave dings and you say grats


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