On the train today. It reminds me of how lucky I am to drive most days.

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  1. Georgia Lynn

    No! Look at all those people reading! It’s idyllic! Although I’m guessing the smell is slightly better in the morning than the evening?

    Perhpas mine is a “grass is always greener… issue.”


  2. Adam

    I’m lucky with my normal commute, in that I go against the traffic (heading out of London, not into it). On the days that I do have to go into town, I get reminded of exactly how over-stretched London’s commuting infrastructure is…


  3. Georgia Lynn

    Actually, after commenting, I realized that you appear to be standing to take the photo. Hope you don’t have to stand for long. Reading, crocheting, gaming… not so fun while standing.


  4. Adam

    Yes – on some of the main London commuter routes, they’ve minimised the numbers of seats on favour of cattle-truck style standing arrangements.

    It’s just fab, as I’m sure you can imagine.


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