Last of the Time Lords: intial thoughts

My goodness. Doctor Who fans are a miserable bunch, aren't they?

[Link now dead] Personally, I rather enjoyed that. Lots of fun, some real, lingering emotional consequences to what happened, and at least three separate threads that will continue into the next series.

And the Titanic in the Vortex.

Christmas seems too far away, now.

More detailed thoughts tomorrow.

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  1. One-Ten

    Yes we are! But the writer’s the victim of his earlier success, I think, in setting standards he didn’t meet. I try to resist this tendancy to carp (that comes from liking the show too much!), and so far this season that’s been easy – apart from a wobble with the Daleks there have been no real clunkers and I’ve been able to ignore the moaning. This episode just seemed a bit of mess to me. Too much thrown in without enough thought.

    What’s the betting that the consequences of the-year-that-never-happened are quickly forgotten when Christmas comes around?

    Mind you, as you said in an earlier post Lucy Saxon was superb; she had so little to do and did it so well. I wonder if that understated performance benefitted from the amount of cutting that had to go on? There’s nothing worse that over-explaining things. The way she bizarrely (almost involuntarily) began to dance when the Master played Voodoo Child last week was one of the best moments of the episode.

    I did like the Titanic in the Vortex though (there’s a lot of yapping about how the TARDIS is impregnable adding to the complaints about LOTTL but personally I think that just makes it more of a fun concept!)


  2. kate

    I dont normally watch Dr Who but my kids are crazy for it. I did watch last nights and thoroughly enjoyed it. I may even watch the christmas one and the next series.



    I totally agree! John Simm and Alexandra Moen made a FAB combination! They both gave so much energy into their characters that they were the highlights of Series 3 of Doctor Who! I simply cannot wait until the christmas special. My father has a theory that the Lucy is really the master and shot Lucy in the masters body- but none of this really makes sense because the doctor would have recognised it because when timelords meet they instantly stake the other timelord(s).


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