Listen While You Work

This morning, I finally remembered the existence of the iPod radio attachment that I picked up when I was in New York.

Why? Well, I wanted to catch some Gershwin being played on Radio 3, and the sound quality of the radio-accessory beats streamed internet radio hands down.

I'm hugely impressed by the interface, as one would expect. It makes hopping around between stations so very easy.

And yes, I'm aware that listening to Radio 3 makes me middle-aged. Thanks for pointing that out.

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  1. Rev Stan

    I need to ask you some techy questions about hooking my new iPod up (when it is delivered) so that I can play it through my stereo speakers…


  2. Adam

    Well, you can either hook the iPod up or, if you’re feeling very swish, hook the iBook up instead…


  3. Rev Stan

    Lets say hooking the iPod up for the mo – what do I have to do for that?


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