Graveside Reflections

I visited Dad's grave for the first time in a little while this afternoon.

It really doesn't get much more easy with time.

It's funny, but few events in my life have defined it so completely as Dad's death nearly six years ago did. It changed everything. How I view myself. How I view my future. How I view my priorities.

It's very easy to live in a bubble of unreality when you're young, unaware of how short time really is. Losing an immediate family member (relatively) young bursts that bubble.

Would I have taken my current job if Dad hadn't died? Possibly not. But if there's one thing that death teaches you, it's that opportunities are limited and every one you pass up is one less that you'll have.

Miss you, Dad.

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  1. Ann Tinworth

    Reading this brought tears to my eyes – we all miss him so much. We are told that time heals – it does not, we just learn to live with our loss as best we can.


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