Cinema Mismanagement

So, on Friday night, Lorna and I went to the cinema. Boy, that was a mistake.

The cinema, the Odeon Greenwich, had decided to go back to back for the opening of Transformers either to "meet customer demand" or "make more money". Well, they may have succeeded in the latter, but they failed badly in the former. By the time we arrived at the cinema to collect our pre-booked 9.30pm showing tickets, the queue to get up to the screens was looped right around the circular building. Staff were surly and evasive when asked what was going on, and it took us three separate attempts to discover the back-to-back thing wasn't working very well for them, and all the screenings had fallen behind.

We finally got into the cinema well after 10pm, to find dirty seats and an unpleasantly aromatic cinema. And when the film started, 10% of it was on the side wall, not the screen itself. Several members of the audience had to go and complain before this was sorted out.

Oh, and when we emerged, the women's loo had run out of toilet paper.

Congratulations Odeon. We, after half a decade of using your cinema regularly, will never be darkening your doors again. If that's how you treat paying customers, I won't be a customer of yours any more.

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  1. Tom Morris

    I’ve stopped with most cinemas altogether. I’d rather wait and watch a DVD than pay way over-the-top to have an exceptionally bad experience.


  2. MainMor

    I have to agree with Tom… While I love a good theater experience, it is rare you get that anymore.I would rather fill up a NetFlix queue and sit at home than to have to deal with that kind of crap.


  3. Adam

    Well, we do normally try to go off-peak and to see films which are on the declining end of their runs, which usually makes for a better all-round experience.But this was just so blatantly dismissive of customer needs that it has changed my whole view on the place.


  4. Rev Stan

    I think it has a lot to do with the cinema. I go most weeks to one which is part of a small independent chain and I’ve only had a couple of bad experiences over the years. Some films are just meant to be watched on the big screen, in the dark with surround sound. Any you can’t beat the experience and atmosphere of seeing a film you’ve really been looking forward to, on the day it comes out, with a load of like-minded people.


  5. Odeon employee

    I have one thing to say I am a ex Odeon Greenwich employee you try to clean 4 screens that can hold 350 people at one time in 10 min we do our best to get you in on time and if you asked at the end of the film you would of got a full refund because of the film was distorted if you


  6. Adam

    Ah, the thing is, I have worked in multiplexes in the past, when I was a a student. I know exactly what it’s like to clean these places…


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