Vox Incognita

When I started Voxing, waaaaaay back in June of last year, I decided to keep my neighbourhood, as much as possible, to people I actually knew. It was a reaction, in part, to the many other blogs I was reading at the time.

I'm starting to rue that decision.

From Dance to Cornish Piscie to malbonster I'm now, all of a sudden, finding people who are using Vox for really interesting stuff, from cartoons to recipes to photography. And some groups where interesting discussions are happening.

The question is: who am I missing? Which Voxers should I be reading? Who do you recommend to me?

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  1. Dance

    Thanks for the shout out!I recommend Cupcate and Miss Scotch. They’re currently my favorite voxers.


  2. Adam

    Alas, I’m already reading them. I’m fairly sure I found you via one of them…


  3. Rev Stan

    I always enjoy Salaryman’s posts. He has good way with words served up with a heavy dose of sarcasm


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