Work in Progress: Types of Blog Post

04092007355I'm in the process of working up some documentation for a blog-related event we're having here at RBI later this month. The documents are going to end up as something of a beginner's guide to blogging for trade journalists, and will be going up onto the internal wiki tomorrow, in the hope that some of my colleagues will help develop them further.

But, in the meantime, I've thrown the first of them – Types of Blog Posts – up after the cut for you folks to look at, think about and roundly abuse, if you see fit.

Obviously, I'll be pathetically grateful for any comments or advice…

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  1. ocifant

    You might be interested in this blog. He’s just started a 5 part series on the ‘Equations of Blog’. First two parts are up as I write this, with more to come…


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