M&S Leather Dress Now, I love a woman in a leather dress as much as the next straight man. So, the news that the above Marks & Spencer dress is flying off the shelves (it's out of stock only a week after it was launched) should be enough to put a smile on my face for weeks, or at least, for the rest of the autumn season.

Msleatherdm2809b-298x800The Daily Mail is busy singing its praises, and it was noticed by some bloggers weeks ago (and some commenters). 

 And yet...

Well, for one thing, I really do fail to understand the "hit dress" idea. Every woman I know has a quiet horror of turning up at a "do" in the same dress as another woman. Surely the very notion of "hit dress" should be a big, flashing neon sign warning women away?

And, is it me, or does that dress looks a bit, well, cheap? Somehow, both the M&S image on the left, and the Daily Mail one on the right make a genuine leather dress look like pleather. And that can't be good.