It's been one of those "feet not touching the ground" kind of weeks.

I started it up in Suffolk, at Mum's, doing some stuff for her prior to her week in Norwich for chemo. We woke to a frosty morning, with some stunning frosty cobwebs in the back garden. A morning running chores, and three hour drive to Sutton, lead into a small nightmare.

Now, if there are any Six Apart people reading this, you are now getting a Hard Stare from me. You see, we upgraded our internal Movable Type server to MT 4.01 with enterprise pack. And it broke. It took three days to resolve, and it turns out that a bug in the upgrade script code was to blame. Not fun. Not fun at all.

Tuesday was a combination of hard work on a presentation I delivered on Wednesday, and a retreat to Caffe Nero in Sutton for an experiment or two with Seesmic, a new video conversation site:

And its…interesting. It's an attempt to move video onwards from a pure publishing model, into the sort of conversational model you see in blogs. The key is making all the recording and encoding in-built into the web app, so that you just record and publish straight away. No uploading. No waiting. It could be very interesting. 

And today, I pootled into central London to do a presentation to a bunch of people from recruitment agencies, to support our sales teams. It was not what you'd call a well-informed audience, at least on my subject. Less than 25% had ever read a blog, and less than 5% read them regularly. Sometimes I get frustrated with the slow pace of change at RBI, but today reminded me of just how far ahead we are sometimes…