This is the life…

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  1. Thoroughly Good

    *Jon dreams of a day in the country*


  2. Georgia Lynn

    [this is good] This reminds me of a photo I came across in my personal stash a few years ago. We lived in Connecticut, in the woods, not quite as pretty as this but almost. There had been a lot of snow on the ground for a while. The photo was green and lush, and for the life of me, I couldn’t remember where the photo’d been taken, Colorado? Mississippi? Then it occurred to me suddenly that it was my driveway in summer! She looked completely different to me after seeing nothing but snow and black tree trunks. The realization was a nice surprise.


  3. Adam

    Now, I’m ver jealous. I’ve never had the chance to live anywhere with a drive half as lovely as this. Maybe one day…


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