The Core (2003) - Trailer

I seem to have watched some really bad movies of late. Most of my free time has been caught up with trying to get the flat back into a decent state after the sudden arrival of an avalanche of possessions from Mum's house, and so picking and choosing movies hasn't really been much of an option. We just grab something likely-looking on our BT Vision box, and watch it when we get the chance.

Last night, we watched The Core. And what an appalling piece of tosh it was. By around 15 minutes in we'd correctly predicted all the major plot points of the movie, from the number and identity of the crew who would survive, to exactly what would result from the ship being modular. It was plotting-by-numbers, only enlivened by some pretty good performances from DJ qualls and Stanley Tucci.

Still, it gave us something to laugh at, and it was the kind of movie that you could keep track of while popping in and out of the living room, carrying boxes into the study. And that's exactly the sort of review quote you never see on Movie adverts…