The Anonymous Famous Face

I saw this on the side of a bus the other day. It was striking, in a slightly Bet Lynch sort of way… 

Striking enough, in fact, that I went to the Mango site to see the rest of the images. And I discovered something I hadn't realised: the model in the image was a famous actress, one I've referred to before on this blog. Yet, when I'd looked at the image I'd had absolutely no idea it was Scarlett Johannson.

In fact, I'd noted this one in passing a few weeks before, and equally not noted its star content:
Sj2 And that got me thinking…

Mango have clearly spent a lot of money on these images: for a skilled photographer (Mario Sorrenti), because the images are great. But also for a "name" – an actress, not a model – and that's what these images are making me question. Was it worth it? If she isn't instantly recognisable – and this is far enough from Johannson's traditional image to make me think that she won't be for many –  and the campaign isn't trumpeting her identity, is Mango getting its money's worth here?
And if not, what made them use her? A quick Google search reveals that the news that she was the new "spokesmodel" for the company is all over the celeb gossip blogs. And perhaps that's it – the readers of those are the perfect demographic for Mango clothes.

But I can't help feeling that celebrity endorsement has become so prevalent that its impact is diluted to almost homoeopathic strengths…

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  1. Rev Stan

    Did I ever tell you about the time Mosh and I saw the lovely Scarlett Johannson at Delphi in Greece where we were holidaying at the time? (I recognised her but not surprisingly Mosh didn’t)


  2. Adam

    And was she as foxy in the flesh? 🙂


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