Blackheath Farmers Market

IMG_1527 This morning, I took myself off to Blackheath, to give some more of Mum's old possessions to the Cancer Research charity shop there. It's a slightly snobby things to do. I know, when the Lewisham one is slightly closer, but I can't help feeling that the sort of things I'm donating will be more appreciated (and fetch more for the charity) in Blackheath than down here.

Anyway, the plan was to head back down the hill and into the Lewisham Sainsbury's to pick up some chicken and other bits and bobs for a roast tonight. But then I stumbled across the Blackheath Farmers Market, which I'd heard of, but never visited. Could I get what I needed there?

One free range chicken, some organic cooking apples and some dessert later, the answer is very clearly "yes".


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