First 11th Doctor Trailer

The first trailer for series five of the new Doctor Who, starring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. Looks very promising.

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  1. sarah

    Im not happy with the new doctor because i never wanted david to leave but to be fare to matt it looks promasing athough i thought the doctor NEVER carries a gun,it may sound harsh but i think david tennant is much better and should have stayed as the doctor, as many others thought so aswell.


  2. Adam

    Well, it’s very early days for Matt just yet. Let’s see how the series turns out…


  3. Scutatus

    Most actors have actually left the role of Doctor Who after three or four seasons. Only Tom Baker stayed around longer. So David was actually due to leave when he did – give or take a year or so – and his departure came as little surprise to me or to anyone else who watched the older versions of the show.

    Being known as Doctor Who is very demanding and can be exhausting; It takes over your life while you are in the role and you get little peace from the publicity, interviews, magazine articles, fans etc. You are in the public eye all the time and enjoy little privacy. For those years while you are in the role, Doctor Who IS your life. Actors can only take so much of it before they start to wish for a bit of normalcy, before they begin to wish they can live their OWN lives once again, without a camera always pointing over your shoulder.

    In addition, actors like to test their skills with different roles, with new challenges. With Doctor Who, although you are famous, you are palying the same role week in week out for years on end. Eventually the actor wants to try something new.

    David Tennant was always going to leave, it was just a matter of when.

    It is far too early to judge what Matt Smith will truly be like. Although this first trailer is very suggestive (and I’m not sure I like what it suggests) it is no more than hype; these snapshots are out of context and may not actually be what they appear to be at all.


  4. Adam

    More than that, I suspect it’s been cut to appear controversial. There’s no way all the business about the gun in The End of Time can be followed by a trailer with the new Doctor firing a gun without that being intentional. They’re piquing our curiosity – and so they should. 🙂


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