QotD: License to Drive

Do you consider yourself a good driver? How many tickets have you received? What were they for?

I've received a grant total of two tickets in my life – both for going down bus lanes by accident. That's not bad.

Good driver? I'm a fine driver. I've been in a couple of actual car crashes, but I can say with my hand on my heart neither of them were my fault. I have driven a lot over the last few years, and my ratio of miles to incidents is pretty damn good.

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  1. thinkzalot

    Interesting! I am an aggressive driver, I think. Good in my sense of space, and my position in relation to other vehicles. Bad in the sense I speed (45 in a 30 zone, anyone?), bully my way through traffic (usually legally – ie. taking bus lanes out of hours and cutting back into the “flow” when the lane is blocked). Total number of tickets since being in England? 3 – for Bus Lane infractions (1 of which was because I didn’t realize the “out of hours” had change half way along the road to 7am-7pm). Points on License: 0. Accidents – 1 single light fender bump, which left a tiny scratch on the car I bumped (entirely my fault. A bus beeped as I was turning a corner. I glanced to see why, the car ahead slowed. I turned back, slammed on breaks, and nudged their bumper.)


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