“Chicks Don’t Get Doctor Who”?

Chicks don’t get it. Unless you are in a relationship where the woman is legally obligated to stay with you or you have possession of her car keys, for Time Lord’s sake, don’t bring up the Doctor.

via oofblamargh.typepad.com

I don’t buy that. Back in the 1980s or 90s, Who fandom was pretty much all blokes. But those days appear to be gone – I’m sure there are as many new female Who fans amongst my Twitter followers, for example, as there are guys.

Anyone care to back me up on this?

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  1. Mur Lafferty

    Yes, yes, chicks don’t get Dr. Who. We also don’t like scifi in general, read it, write it, or edit it. We don’t enjoy gaming and we really don’t understand computers because MATH IS HARD.

    Clearly this guy isn’t actually around many “chicks.”


  2. Regina Holliday

    As a woman who is a very big Doctor Who fan, I disagree. I talked my late husband into watching the show and brought the whole family along for the ride. I was even a Dalek for Halloween two years ago and my two sons were Captain Jack and The 10th Doctor. So I would say I am very committed to the program. 🙂

    -Regina Holliday


  3. oof! blam! argh!

    Clearly this guy isn’t actually around many “chicks.”

    Well, now I’m just crying again.


  4. Drchrispinnock

    Adam – I agree with you. I know many “chicks” who get Dr Who – they get Dr Who more than I do…


  5. Eric Burns-White

    I’ve always liked Dr. Who.

    But my wife loves it. She and her father have been bonding over it for decades, now. She’s thrilled at the prospect of a desk patrol K-9.

    When I was in college in the paleolithic eighties, our social group had several girls in it. One of my best friends wore a hand-knit Doctor scarf and she and I liked to stay up all night after watching WGBH reruns of Tom Baker episodes, then wander around using bad approximations of Received English when we spoke to each other.

    In conclusion? Chicks have always gotten the Doctor. Some of them have gotten it better than most dudes.


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