Pre-Pandorica Reading (Dr Who linkage)

Ah, the Doctor Who season finale two parter looms close. The Pandorica will open and silence will fall…

But, lacking a TARDIS, or preview tapes, we shall have to fill our empty hours with some good Who reading.

I've been really enjoying Andrew Rilstone's Fish Custard series, which starts here:

Seasons 3 and 4 were so bad, and the End of Time was so jawdroppingly shameful, that one is tempted to rave about Steven Moffat on general principles – to give him the Nobel Peace Prize simply because he is not George W. Bush. On the other hand, the degeneration from Dalek and the Satan Pit (as good or better than anything in the Original Series) to, say, the Stolen Earth (literally beneath contempt) happened so quickly that one feels one should err on the side of caution.

Suffice it to say that he gets a lot more positive as the Fish Custard flows on, right up until some interesting speculation about the finale

And this look at disability in the current series of Who is worth a read, too:

I don’t mind telling you that I’ve spent a lot of time watching the new series and cringing, waiting for something to go terribly, horribly wrong. We’ve had two characters show up on the screen with a disability, and neither of them have been evil or horrible, and neither has died valiantly so that more worthy folks can live. It’s been kinda awesome.

Yes, I know this isn't going to fill much of the week's wait, but it's a start…

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