A New Traffic Light Feature?

Interesting new road safety feature at the crossing near Holborn station:

It counts down the number fo seconds until the traffic starts flowing again.

I must admit, my first reaction to these, as I headed in search of a sandwich, was disbelief – do we actually need these countdowns? And then, I remembered the number of rather horrible accidents I've seen from the EG office, including watching the police setting up a tent over, presumably, a mangled body, while I was in a meeting in the publisher's office.

Maybe we do need them.

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  1. They’ve had these in Dublin for years. there they give pedestrians a count down to when they can next cross the road. They certainly seemed to work in busy areas such as O’Connell bridge.


  2. Likewise in Glasgow, and Amsterdam, they count down *to* when the green man (or green bicycle) will appear. This makes sense – it discourages people from dashing across the road when it’s about to change green anyway (as many drivers race to beat, or go through, red lights.)

    Apparently car-crazy London has decided to test the opposite method.


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