Thieves jamming car-locks?

Surrey police are exploring the theory that a gang of car thieves are jamming central locking systems to make it easier to steal goods from cars.

The theory arose after one a witness reported that a man used an electronic device to prevent doors from locking when he parked his Lexus at a local Sainsbury's.


That's a little worrying. I was in the Waitrose (how middle-aged am I?) car park on the way home from work a couple of weeks ago, and my car resolutely wouldn't open.

A couple drove up and told me that this was a common problem, and that I should go and see the manager about it. I said that it wasn't a problem, I could manually open the car, and they drove off. Just before I pulled off the manual open cover, I tried the fob lock once more, and it worked. Now I'm suspicious of that couple's motivations…

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  1. John S

    Wonder whether this was the original incident. Remember reading the post on PH when it was initially posted.


  2. Adam

    I’m amused that someone replies “this wouldn’t happen in Waitrose” given my own experience… 🙂


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